Rockin' Keys Guitar Shaped House Keys

Rockin' Keys guitar shaped house keys, as well as many other unique key designs are available for direct purchase right here from our fast and friendly team at Some of our latest designs include the red and light blue saber shaped, Space Keys, you can collect all four! Our custom shaped keys are easy to identify and they also make excellent gifts as well! 

TD RAND CO. LLC, is the manufacturer of specialized novelty shaped printed house keys. We first started with a simple idea for a new key, the electric guitar shaped house key! As you might have guessed they were a huge hit and we have then been adding more and more new key shapes since inception in 2006. Each of our custom designed keys are designed by our top designer, David Rand, owner of TD RAND CO. LLC. We have perfected the manufacturing process and are able to bring the customer a high quality upgraded professionally deigned printed key blank that last for years to come.

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