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The Home of Rockin' Keys and the Acoustic Guitar Shaped Key! We also have many more styles to choose from, which ever your taste in music is, we have a style for you! Rockin' Keys are easily identifiable and are super unique guitar shaped keys. Purchasing a variety of styles will make fumbling in the dark while trying to find your house keys a thing of the past!

not sure about which key to pick? click on your matching key head above and shop by key profile. 

KW1/KW11 Kwikset: will most likely be common in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Australia.
SC1 Schlage: will most likely be common in the USA, Canada, Latin America. 
WR5 Weiser: will most likely be common in Canada and in some cases the USA.
U5D/YALE: will most likely be common in the United Kingdom and surrounding countries.

$5.25 Each
Or - Shop for Discounts on Multiple Key Offers!

$2.85 for any quantity shipped in the U.S.A 
$5.15  for any quantity internationally shipped - we ship world wide!

Rockin' Keys can be matched with locks from all around the world, our key profiles will match with locks in the U.S.A, Canada, Latin America, Australia and now the U.K! We stock over 100 different and unique key designs, be sure to look around the site, you may like some of our other key shapes for you and your friends - they make excellent gifts! Rockin' Keys come with unique back card packaging and are made of high quality brass metal and are printed with a digital to metal high resolution printing process, in the final stage we apply a hard and clear UV- Coat finish that shines and protects for years to come. 


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