ROCKIN' KEYS® - Official Site.

Home of ROCKIN' KEYS® - CUSTOM GUITAR SHAPED HOUSE KEYS! We also offer many other custom designed keys. Shop directly from the manufacturer, right here. We have guaranteed availability and the lowest pricing possible. Each of our custom designed keys are made of a high quality brass base, printed with hi-resolution printing equipment and sprayed with a clear UV coat finish that shines and protects. Revisit our site once in a while or follow us on facebook to see our latest designs. We often make special announcements and ROCKIN' KEYS® always make excellent gifts! Acoustic Gitar Key, Door Key ,SABER SPACE Weapon and UFO KEYS, PAINTED KEYS BRIGHT and  LIGHT COLORFUL PAINTED  SHAPED KEYS, SPACE KEYS, RE/MAX KEYS, SPORTY KEYS, ICON KEYS 

Check out our brand new custom designed SPACE KEYS™ which include, UFO - flying saucer shaped keys, bright green alien head shaped keys, energy blade shaped keys, and 4 different SABER SHAPED KEYS! We have just recently added these to our online store and they are only available here! The saber keys come in miniature sized green, purple, red or light blue saber shaped key designs. They are fully functional, 80 mm long and engineered to have plenty of grip. No force needed with these! Plus we have more exciting Space Keys™ shapes coming soon, so be sure to check back!

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